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National Eviction Group

Aldridge Pite consistently takes a value-based approach to national eviction management. The Firm understands that it is incumbent upon the professionals managing these national eviction matters to quickly and cost effectively secure possession of the property, at all times minimizing the litigation and risk often associated with evictions.

The Firm utilizes a proprietary technology platform, National Default Management Systems (NDMS), which enables our staff to comprehensively and efficiently manage the entire eviction process from initial tenant communication through vacancy. This system facilitates superior communication between our attorneys, paralegals, staff, local counsel and clients which results in the shortest eviction timeframes possible. Through our extensive reporting capabilities, all areas of performance by our staff and local counsel are monitored in order to identify any potential areas of concern before they become problems.

The NDMS technology can import referrals directly from our clients' systems or through separate data feed provided by our client. As referrals are received they appear on an Aldridge Pite paralegal dashboard. The paralegal will assign the file to one of our network of local counsel and will manage the eviction until the file is complete. We either utilize a client's designated counsel or carefully choose local counsel from our network who consistently exceed industry standards. These local counsel undergo specific training to use our NDMS system to ensure effective management of the referrals they receive. Our local counsel work the files assigned to them via their dashboard which contains their assigned eviction matters as well as direct messages, instructions or reminders regarding their assigned files.

At any point during the eviction process, our paralegals, local counsel or our clients can view the loan screen for any property and know the complete, current status of the eviction. We currently utilize the USFN guidelines for the required state specific eviction actions and their due dates. Throughout the eviction action, each event is monitored to ensure that local counsel is completing the appropriate step in accordance with industry guidelines. Automatic reminder messages are sent to local counsel and the assigned Aldridge Pite paralegal whenever local counsel is required to take specific action in connection with any eviction matter. As events are completed, a new estimated completion date is calculated for the remaining events, thereby ensuring that each eviction is completed as quickly as possible under the given circumstances. Detailed chronologies of all events that have occurred during the eviction are listed in the History section of the loan screen. In addition, requests for information or status updates can be sent to any contact via the Messages section.

Aldridge Pite attorneys and paralegals recognize that in today's environment, there exists significant litigation risk with the removal of occupants post-foreclosure. With over twelve years of experience in this particular niche practice, Aldridge Pite is well-positioned to effectively manage and resolve escalated issues before they become costly problems, potentially involving headline risk.

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